Interested in Clinical Pilates in Fortitude Valley?

For those living a fast-paced lifestyle, physiotherapy and Pilates can make all the difference to your physical and mental wellbeing. At Refine Health Group, we provide the Fortitude Valley region with personable and affordable physiotherapy treatment, allowing you to destress and unwind from the labours of modern life.

Our Pilates and physiotherapy sessions, based in our clinic in Bowen Hills, offer specifically tailored sessions for each individual to improve their own strength, body function and all-round conditioning.

Whether you’re interested in scheduling a reformer Pilates or clinical Pilates session, you can book with confidence knowing our Pilates instructors are certified physiotherapists, and always have your best interests in mind when working with you. Book a Pilates class with the Refine Health Group today.

Myotherapy and trigger points

Offering Reformer Pilates and Other Physio Services

At Refine Health Group, we pride ourselves on providing locals from the Fortitude Valley area with professional and affordable treatments and strive hard to make our Pilates classes enjoyable and invigorating for all of our clients.

In addition to providing reformer and clinical Pilates, Refine Health Group offers services to assist with the treatment of headaches and migraines, as well as standard musculoskeletal physiotherapy services for those struggling with soreness or stiff joints.

We understand how frustrating it is not being at your best, which is why we aim to get you back on track with our range of services.

Schedule a Reformer or Clinical Pilates Session with us today

Whether you are interested in the enjoyable and fast-paced group class environment that reformer Pilates provides you with or you’d rather a one-on-one clinical Pilates session with one of our physiotherapists, Refine Health Group can help find a suitable class or treatment for you.

Conveniently located in Bowen Hills, our clinic is perfect for those living around Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill or Hamilton, and our extended opening hours are perfect for busy families. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.