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Curious about how We Can Treat your Migraine or Headache Issues?

Are You A Chronic Headache Or Migraine Sufferer?

Have you tried many treatments in the past with little to no lasting relief?

We UNDERSTAND how frustrating it is for you. We KNOW what you are going through.

The Headache and Migraine Clinic at Refine Health is a dedicated clinic that specialises in the treatment of all forms of Headaches and Migraines. The treatment is simple and effective and long-lasting, and we strive to create a comfortable environment to allow you to relax throughout our treatments for your migraines and headaches.

If you are interested in finding out whether this treatment may be suitable for you, you may call us on (07) 3216 1330 to organise a FREE Phone Consultation to speak with one of our Headache Clinicians regarding your condition.

Watson Headache Approach – A New Treatment for Migraines

At Refine Health Group, our Headache Clinicians are trained under the Watson Headache Approach to deliver a revolutionary, medication-free physiotherapy treatment that is proven to help resolve or significantly reduce your headache and migraine pains.

Listed below are some common Headache conditions that we can treat, do you know which form of Headache or Migraine you are suffering from?

☑ Tension Type Headache

☑ Migraine

☑ Chronic Daily Headache

☑ Hormonal Headache

☑ Menstrual Migraine

☑ Cluster Headache

☑ Cervicogenal Headache

☑ Sinus Headache

☑ Whiplash (Motor Vehicle Accident) Associated Headaches

☑ Vestibular Migraine

WHAT TO EXPECT – Book an Appointment with Brisbane’s Headache Clinicians Today

In the initial assessment, you can expect a thorough and comprehensive subjective examination and history-taking to determine your exact diagnosis.

At the end of this session, we will give you a clear explanation of your condition and an evidence-backed treatment program that tailored specifically to your needs in order to get you where you need to be. If we find that we are unable to help with your headache and migraines, we will provide you with a suitable referral.

At Refine Health Group, we specialise in providing effective long term solutions for headaches and migraines, as well as physiotherapy and Pilates treatments for other body pains.

We proudly serve the Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill and Hamilton regions with our services.

If you’re struggling to get on top of your headache pains, book in today to get the expert help you deserve.

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Tension-Type Headache

Tension-Type Headache or TTH accounts for up to 90% of primary headaches, making it the most common headache type by far. The duration can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days and is described as a tight pressure around the head, usually across the temples and forehead. The severity can range from mild-moderate and is categorised further into 3 classifications depending on the frequency and chronicity.


Chronic Daily Headache

CDH closely mimics the symptoms of Tension-Type Headache, however the diagnosis is reached only when the following criteria is fulfilled; (1) pain that is experienced in the head, neck and face that is present for; (2) at least 15 days a month, for more than 3 months in a year. It is closely associated with medication overuse and differentiation of the conditions is crucial.



Severe and intense pain that is commonly unilateral (one-sided), Migraines are considered one of the most disabling and incapacitating disorders. Migraines account for up to 30% of all headache types. The characteristic signs of Migraine are the accompaniment of “associated features”, most notably, visual disturbances and aura, nausea and vomiting or sensitivity to light, smell or sound. Contrastingly, migraines can also present without aura and are classified as “Migraine without aura”.


Menstrual Migraine

Menstrual Migraine is considered when symptoms of classic Migraine occur in close relation with the menstrual cycle, either immediately before, during or after. Previous theories pointed to hormone level imbalances as the culprit, however, research has concluded definitively that this may not be the case. Results from numerous studies have identified no difference in hormone level changes in Menstrual Migraine sufferers and controls (Migraine-free individuals). MM is considered a Primary Headache disorder as the cause remains unknown. Menstrual Migraine is a serious condition that affects 60% of female migraine sufferers.


Cluster Headaches

The most common Headache type within the third category of Primary Headaches, Cluster Headaches are also termed “Suicide Headaches” due to the extreme nature of pain that is experienced within an episode. The attacks occur in ‘clusters’ of minutes to hours at a time. Individuals can experience several episodes in a day. The symptoms of Cluster Headache are readily identifiable and distinguishable in comparison to the other headache types. Typically, Cluster Headache sufferers will experience alternating periods of remission (headache-free periods) and symptomatic periods lasting for months at a time.


Classification and identification of your specific Headache type is vital in determining what treatment options may be available to you. Within the first assessment, your Headache Clinician will be able to identify your likely Headache diagnosis, the treatment options available for the identified condition, and, if determined that treatment is likely to succeed, a recommendation of a suitable plan for the treatment of your Headaches or Migraines.

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