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Communication is one of the main ways in which we interact with one another as humans. However, some people may find it more challenging to communicate, whether this is a result of developmental delays, head or brain injury, neurological disorders, stroke, injury or illness, or another reason.

If you struggle with difficulties with your speech and language, in home speech pathologist sessions could be an extremely beneficial route to take.

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Understanding Speech Pathology at Home

Working with a professional speech therapist is one of the best ways to overcome difficulties with speech and language. Speech therapists are specialists who are skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating disorders with speech, language, and communication. They use exercises and different therapy techniques to help with things like fluency, voice quality, comprehension, articulation, vocabulary, language skills, and social skills. Many also help with non-verbal communication (for example, facial expressions and body language), as well as alternative means of communication like sign language.

Speech therapy at home is just one of the services we offer here at Refine Health Group. Our speech therapists have a proven track record of working with people of all backgrounds and ages; progressing to overcome difficulties with speech, language, and communication. By taking the hard work and frustration out of communicating, our speech therapists help our speech therapy patients get back on track to living their best life.

Consider the Barriers

Although there are multiple benefits to engaging the services of a professional speech pathologist, one of the biggest barriers to doing so, is time. A lot of people find that they do not have the time to commute to an extra appointment, or struggle to find a way to fit their appointments in around work and home life. That’s where our in home speech pathologist sessions come in.

Rather than you having to come into our clinic, which may be inconvenient based on your own schedule, we come to you, making our speech pathologist sessions an easy, convenient alternative to traditional speech pathology processes.

Improve Your Communication Skills from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The unfamiliar environment of a clinic or doctor’s office can be off-putting for some speech pathology patients. By having speech pathology at home, you can enjoy working with a skilled and experienced professional to improve your communication skills in the comfort of your own home. Having these sessions in an environment that feels safe and familiar can help people to feel more confident and less embarrassed whilst they work on improving their communication skills.

Save Yourself Time

Having speech pathology at home can save you a lot of time – ratather than having to commute to and from a speech pathology session at a clinic or doctor’s office, our trained and experienced professional speech pathologists will come to you. That means no more wasting time in transit during your commute or struggling to fit your appointment in around your other commitments in work and home life.

Opportunities for Greater Family Support

Having speech pathology in your home can also create more opportunities for family engagement and support, if this is something you desire. Your in home speech therapist can work with you and your family to identify specific areas for improvement, and formulate strategies to target those areas, which your family can then support you in achieving. Many patients find this more motivating and encouraging than the conventional one-on-one therapy model, which often leaves out family.

What Does an In Home Speech Pathologist Look Like?

During your session, your speech therapist will work with you to evaluate your current communication skills, including your speech, language, and cognition. Based on this evaluation, they will develop a treatment plan that is customised to your current ability level, requirements, and goals. This treatment plan will guide future sessions and bring you closer to achieving your desired communication capability. You will then have the opportunity to engage in different exercises and skill practices to target identified areas for improvement to your overall communication capabilities.

Choose Refine Health for Speech Pathology

Here at Refine Health Group, we are a leading physio clinic with expertise in speech therapy. If you’re looking for personalised speech therapy treatment plans that are tailored to your unique needs and goals, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our in home speech pathologist by calling us on 07 3216 1330 or by emailing us directly at Consider us your one stop shop for all your speech therapy Brisbane needs!