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Trigger Point, Remedial and Therapeutic Massage

Our Physiotherapists are extensively trained in different types of massage that can help in treating painful injuries and conditions. Have you been injured or are suffering from recurring pain? We at Refine Physiotherapy & Pilates can help.

What are the types of Massage?

Depending on what you present with and your symptoms, your clinician may decide for you which modality of treatment is the best course for your rehabilitation. Our therapists are all extensively trained in many different types of massage. Read on to find out which massage type may be the best choice for you.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy (TrPT) is a form of massage that involves the location and detection of Trigger Points (TrP) that are causing muscle tension and pain. The therapist will then “trigger point” the muscle until sufficient relaxation and lengthening of the muscle has been achieved.

The conditions that will benefit from this therapy are overuse or gradual onset. An example may be poor sitting posture at work which causes muscular tension to build up in the neck and shoulders.

Myotherapy and trigger points
Remedial Massage brisbane

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is the objective assessment and treatment of the symptoms from a biomechanical dysfunction that has been found to be the cause of your presentation.

This common form of massage is also referred to as Deep Tissue Massage (DTM). Specific mobilisation techniques are utilised by the therapist to promote and restore normal function and movement.

Therapeutic Massage

This technique is designed to promote relaxation of the whole body.

Improvements in circulation, muscle tension and flexibility are also outcomes that can be achieved through this modality of massage.

Therapeutic Massage Brisbane

What conditions can massage help with?

Listed below are some of the common conditions that can be treated or alleviated with Massage. Your clinician will be able to determine this at your initial consultation and choose the best course of treatment for your case.

☑ Muscle Tension

☑ Stress

☑ Lower Back Pain

☑ Neck Pain

☑ Inflammation

☑ Joint Stiffness

☑ Circulatory Conditions

The Massage Experience at Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates

At Refine Physiotherapy & Pilates’ Bowen Hills clinic, your massage is all about you. Our expertly trained Physiotherapists will use the appropriate massage method for your specific case or condition. The overall benefits that are seen in massage include improvements in the function of your muscles, reduction of discomfort and pain, improved circulation and improved flexibility and mobility. We aspire to help all of our patients feel the positive, powerful changes that so many of our clients enjoy every day.

Our standard initial massage appointment is 60 minutes. This initial appointment will include an initial assessment of the affected muscles and joints to determine the appropriate treatment.

Following the initial consultation, your clinician will recommend a treatment course for you for the best outcomes.

Remedial Massage is claimable through private health and is covered by all health funds. Contact your health fund directly to find out if you qualify for a rebate.

Whether you are looking for lasting pain relief, a speedy and optimal recovery from injury, or simply have a focus on preventing injury and maintenance for your body, our physiotherapists will guarantee result-oriented and expert hands-on care.