Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates is revolutionising the way we get physio treatment by offering virtual appointments that let you access our highly experienced physios from the comfort of your own home through secure video consultations. By providing remote access to our same high-quality care, Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates strives to make accessing online physiotherapy easier and more convenient without compromising patient outcomes.

Whether it be an initial assessment or ongoing follow-ups, telehealth can provide a number of benefits including cost savings and increased flexibility in finding a time slot that works best for you. With our advanced technology, we’ll make sure you experience the same friendly and trustworthy care in your physiotherapy telehealth appointment as if you were physically here. Telehealth services are changing the future of healthcare.

Start getting attentive and personalised care with Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates’ physiotherapy services! For priority patient care, turn to a physio Brisbane residents call on. Book a telehealth physio appointment online today.

Telehealth Physiotherapy

Telehealth has long helped patients find a way to get in touch with a doctor. Some reasons a patient might opt for a telehealth appointment are because they are too sick or contagious, if they have moved to a distant location, if their environment is unsafe, or if their busy schedule didn’t allow for an in-person appointment. This method of communication has been vital during the COVID-19 global outbreak, which saw a majority of patients struggling or unable to reach their trusted professional for health or wellbeing purposes.

At Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates, we’re delivering our physio consultations and appointments to patients who find they cannot make an in-person appointment. No matter if you’re injured, sick or living far from your trusted clinic, we will ensure your telehealth appointment is as effective as if you were visiting us in person.

Our telehealth services offer:

Online Physiotherapy

Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates offers a safe and secure way for everyone to get access to expert telehealth physiotherapy, no matter their location. Through our telehealth platform, you can now book an appointment with a qualified professional and have the comfort of consulting with them from your own home, without having to compromise on safety or quality of care.

Whether you are in a big city or small town, we provide nationwide telehealth physio coverage with flexible appointment times and the highest encryption standards used to ensure patient privacy. It’s just another way of helping make sure that everyone has the opportunity to take care of their health and wellness during these trying times.


  1. A thorough assessment
  2. Diagnosis of your condition
  3. Our physio takes you through a range of exercises
  4. We demonstrate self releases & self massage techniques
  5. Advice on movement and activity modification
  6. A full treatment plan with exercises and resources


If you’d like to book in a virtual physiotherapy appointment or enquire more about the services that we offer, feel free to contact us for a chat or book a consultation today.

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When you choose to speak with a Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates specialist via telehealth, we will ensure your treatment is no less effective than if it were taken in person. For this telehealth physiotherapy treatment, you will need a working computer that can access our video link so our session will start. If it’s your first time experiencing an online physiotherapy consultation or if you’re having trouble connecting, please contact us at (07) 3216 1330 so our friendly staff can help!


At Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates, we understand the importance of keeping your health at its best even during the current outbreak of COVID-19. We are now offering our much-needed online physiotherapy consultation with a 30% discount on our usual physiotherapy fees so that you can get the help you need without having to leave your home. Our knowledgeable and qualified therapists will provide helpful advice to give you the most reliable treatments for any physical discomforts you may be experiencing so that you stay in the best shape possible.

Book a virtual physiotherapy consultation today!

Are you looking to book an appointment or want to know more about the services that Refine Physiotherapy and Pilates offers? Then why not book a consultation today and start your telehealth treatment journey with us? Our team of professional healthcare providers are here to answer any questions that you may have, providing detailed information and advice on how we can best assist you.

We value each patient’s needs and strive to provide quality customised care plans tailored specifically for you. Start your journey with us today and let’s experience the difference we can make by calling us at (07) 3216 1330 or contacting us for an online physiotherapy appointment.


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